DIY Rat Control

Do It Yourself Rat Treatment


They are very similar to mice and are also common in many homes in Australia. Rats can also deliver an equal damage that mice deliver on the property. They are also known to transmit serious diseases like leptospirosis. This disease is transmitted when you touch and ingest rat’s urine. So if there is rat urine on the floor and you or the kid is in contact with it, there will be a chance of contracting the disease. Other than that, rats also feed on structure and items around the house.

Fun Facts

  • They give out a cheerful sound like laughter when they are happy/playing.
  • They take care of their fellow rats when they are injured or sick.
  • Rats are worshipped by specific Indians, where they are worshipped at the Karni Devi Temple.
  • Rats can stay without water longer than a camel.
  • They have a good memory that helps them master a navigation route with ease.
  • They have similar social attributes to humans; they submit to peer-pressure and get lonely when alone.

Species in Australia

The most common rats that are found in homes and businesses in Aussie include the Roof Rat and the Norway Rats.

Commonly Found

They also love discreet and silent areas with minimal disturbance. For that, expect to find rats in the attic, the basement, the garbage area, the sewage, as well as in the garden.

DIY Control Treatment

Handling rats is just the same as you would handle mice. However, since rats can transmit serious diseases, it is required to be keen when controlling them. Ideally, use the non-chemical control method to eliminate rats from your house. You can set traps to capture the rats around the house. Once you capture them, you must know how to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back. Use a single snap trap along with bait for better results.

DIY Treatment Effectiveness

Rating = Low

Rats are not just difficult to handle, but they can also be harmful to your health. Unless you know the right method of controlling them, they will still invade your home and cause more harm. An exterminator is always the best and sure way of eliminating a rat invasion in your home.

Preventive Strategies

  • Keep your house tidy as often as possible.
  • Vacuum the sofas and other furniture to eliminate any possible food crumbs.
  • Ensure that the sewage and drainage systems are well sealed to prevent the rats from crawling inside the house.
  • Maintain an overall hygiene inside and outside the house.


Handling pest invasion requires proper knowledge and skills. For that, consult a professional to know how to go about it, and determine if you need the help of an exterminator or not.