DIY Bedbug Control

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Treatment


These pests are such a nuisance whenever they attack your home. They are mostly found inside the building, and they also love warm and dark areas. Even though they are called bedbugs, they can also be found in other types of furniture like sofas and chairs. They tend to spread around the house as their infestation increases. Bedbugs are mostly brought about by poor hygiene. So if your house is dirty and extra stuffed, you are more vulnerable to experience an infestation. However, they also spread as a result of tourism and travel.


  • They can go without food for about 80 or 140 days.
  • The maximum life span of bed bugs is 18 months.
  • They bite and feed on blood, though they do not transmit diseases.
  • They are elusive, and they know how to hide during the day. That is why it is difficult to spot one, even when you have an infestation.
  • Bedbugs can produce up to four generations in just 12 months.

Species in Australia

Most of the bedbug invasions in Australia come from the two major species; the common bedbug {Cimex lectularius} and the tropical bedbug {Cimex hemipterus}.

Commonly Found

It is not easy to come across a bedbug in your home, though they are mostly found in beds and mattresses, stuffed clothes and suitcases, sofa sets, crevices, and small cracks.

DIY Control Treatment

When you suspect an infestation of bedbugs, you will need to take immediate action to ensure they do not get out of hand. Ideally, start by inspecting the entire house to identify their potential hiding places. You can purchase an effective insecticide and spray all over the harbourages. When spraying, ensure that you follow the instruction keenly to avoid poisoning.

DIY Treatment Effectiveness

Rating = Moderate

Depending on the infestation, it can be challenging to handle the elimination of bedbugs in your home by yourself. The right insecticide can deliver optimum results if it is used correctly. Nonetheless, it is always advised to contact an exterminator because the insecticides are poison and can be lethal if not handled properly.

Preventive Strategies

  • Avoid taking padded furniture or mattresses from the street.
  • Cover your suitcases with plastic whenever you travel.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water as soon as your get back from a trip.
  • Avoid stuffing the bedrooms. Conversely, ensure that the rooms are as airy as possible.
  • Take immediate action even when you spot a single bedbug.