DIY Termite Treatment


Too many people confuse termites with ants, mostly because of their appearance. Termites can damage your home badly, which will lead to a lot of losses in the long run. They mostly feed on timber, and they can bring the entire house down if not eliminated on time. The majority of the termites also feed on grass and decayed wood.


  • They help to convert fallen trees to minerals and organic matters.
  • Termites eat the woods to boost their nutrition.
  • They have protozoa in the gut, which helps to digest the wood after it is swallowed.
  • Termites can and will eat any type of wood.
  • They move from a young nymph to a fully-grown soldier or worker in up to seven moults. They have a gradual growth cycle, which can take a maximum of four months.

Species in Australia

In Australia, there are about 300 termite species, and some are well-known for attacking properties. The common species of termites in Aussie include the West Indian Drywood termite, Natsutitermes walker, Schedorhinotrmes intermedius, Coptotermes acicaciformis, Giant Termite, Natsutitermes fumigatus, among others.

Commonly Found

Usually, termites will live in moist areas. For that, expect to find them in tiny spaces around the house, including the basement. They never like residing in areas with a lot of traffic, so be sure to check all the hidden and moist areas.

DIY Control Treatment

Handling termites can be complicated, and it needs some level of professionalism. Termite infestation is a serious condition that might not be as easy as such to handle. Nonetheless, you can take the easiest step and ensure that you control and prevent them accordingly. Here is a look at some of the steps you can take to eliminate termites and prevent them from crawling back.

Destroy the mound to expose the internal structure to insects and predators. This helps to control the termites naturally. Also, you can probe the mound with a hard stick or a metal rod to access the nursery area. After that, pour dust over the nursery area using a hollow tube or a dust blower.

You may also use effective liquid insecticides to eliminate the termite infestation. The main way of controlling the termite invasion is by destroying their nests.

DIY Treatment Effectiveness

Rating = Medium

Termites might be small in size, but in the case of an invasion, they can be a huge problem both for the residents and the property. So if you have a large infestation of termites in your home, it is best to call an exterminator to handle them.

Preventive Strategies

  • Install a chemical barrier by applying termiticide to the soil under and around a structure or the building.
  • Install termite trap or termite monitoring station around the house or structure perimeter.
  • Use a proper termite bait system, which contains a special Insect Growth Regulator {IRG}.