DIY Silverfish Control

Do It Yourself Silverfish Treatment


Silverfish are also common in Australia, and they are among the small insects that can lead to serious damages in the long run. They are flat in nature and are covered with silver scales. Silverfish prefer a moist area that is hidden. These insects do not exactly cause damage or harm to humans, though they can destroy books and clothing. They will mostly feed on several things around the house including coffee, flour, and silk.

Species in Australia

There are more than 50 species of silverfish in Australia, though the most common are the Acrotelsella Devriesiana.

Commonly Found

They don’t only love a moist area for fun. Rather, silverfish need plenty of water for their survival, which is why you will mostly find them in bathtubs or sinks. They can also be found in basements. Since they feed on books, you can find them on closet shelves, bookcases, door or window frames, as well as skirting boards.

DIY Control Treatment

Controlling silverfish is a challenging act, especially because they tend to move in large numbers. If you are sure of a silver invasion in your home, you will need to spray the entire perimeter with a strong insecticide. You can also spray the interior to kill the silverfish inside the house.

Sprinkling an insecticide bait in the attic will help to prevent the silverfish from entering the house. For the overly infested area, dust or bait them to cut down the silverfish population. As you apply the bait or dust, ensure that it is not exposed to pets or humans.

DIY Treatment Effectiveness

Rating = Moderate

Controlling the silverfish invasion is just like how you would control fleas and ticks infestation. However, silverfish can be somewhat challenging because they do not live on humans nor pets. If they are high in numbers, they will prove difficult to manage. All in all, it is not a must to call an exterminator.

Preventive Strategies

  • Vacuum crevices and cracks regularly
  • Use a dehumidifier to lessen the moisture level in the house. This will, in turn, reduce the survival of the silverfish.
  • Get rid of things that boost the moisture in the house like a faulty plumbing system.
  • Eliminate foods that can be accessed easily. Instead, ensure that you store all the food in tightly-sealed containers.
  • Run the AC unit regularly.
  • Ventilate the attics and other closed rooms.