DIY Flea Control

Do It Yourself Flea Treatment


Fleas are among the common pests found in motels, hotels, and homes around Australia. Mostly, they will be found where animals are kept. So if you own a pet, you are susceptible to a flea infestation. They also feed on blood through their sucking mouth parts. Fleas can transmit diseases to both animals and humans. For that, it is very much advised to take an immediate action whenever you suspect a flea invasion.


• Adult fleas can bite up to 400 times in a single day
• Extreme invasion can cause anaemia in the host animal
• They can lay a maximum of 50 eggs in a single day
• A flea can jump at a speed that is 20 times faster than a ship shuttle
• They can survive the entire winter season

Species in Australia

Many pet owners in Australia experience a flea infestation due to the weather and the animal population in the nation. The most common types of fleas in Aussie include the dog flea, cat flea, moorhen flea, human flea, oriental flea, and the northern rat flea.

Commonly Found

They tend to live on animals such as dogs, cats, rodents, opossums, as well as humans. Fleas prefer a warm and hidden habitat, which is why they usually hide under the fur of pets. Also, they can be found on pant legs, blankets, and shoes.

DIY Control Treatment

Before you start applying treatment methods to eliminate the fleas from your home, you will need to first identify their harbourage. Point out their source, whether it is the dog or the cat. Ensure that you treat the pet with a registered pesticide from a vet clinic or your local pet store.

For the rest of the house, vacuum thoroughly then apply an effective treatment in the animal beddings, under the furniture, and where the pets rest. Make sure you throw away the content from the vacuum cleaner as soon as you are done.

DIY Treatment Effectiveness

Rating = High

Just like the ticks, fleas can be controlled without the need for an exterminator. However, always talk to a professional to help you identify the type of flea in your home and how they can be eliminated effectively.

Preventive Strategies

  • Offer various treatment options to kill the flea adults and eggs.
  • Treat your dog/cat before every season.
  • Vacuum the house and carpet regularly.
  • Keep the animal beddings clean at all times.